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 Mass Hiring 

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In 2021, Amazon, the retail giant, hired 1,25,000 employees, which was possible only through bulk hiring. With a specific change to the entire hiring process, recruiters can quickly meet their staffing demands more efficiently.

  • Bulk Recruitment Vs Traditional Recruitment
  • Challenges in Mass Hiring
  • Technology in High Volume in hiring
  • Strategies to 3x your next Mass Hiring

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Xobin is a smart assessment platform for pre-employment tests, employee skills tests and psychometric testing. The Platform comes with over 800+ pre-hire skills assessments that are validated and verified. 

Skills and the new CV. Xobin help benchmark all applicants, making it easy to surface the best ones. It can free up to 80% of a recruiter’s workload. Over 600+ businesses around the world love and trust Xobin for skill assessments.